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ART-SCHOOL Livejournal Club's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
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Song Survivor? [02 Jul 2008|11:35am]

Hey everybody. the Girugamesh community has been doing this game called Song Survivor where all the songs go into a huge poll and everybody votes on their favorite sonsg. The ones with the least votes get ''voted off'' and then round 2 happens. The Girugamesh one had 20 rounds, lol. ART-SCHOOL has like a million songs so I was thinking maybe we could do just songs from their full length albums, or perhaps songs from just one album. Or favorite album?

Anyways if anybody's interested in this lemme know. I'm sure I could figure out how to make it work, i just dont know if i should. I dont know if we have enough members for it to be worth it, just trying to breathe a bit of life into this community.

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KAREN - maggot in tears [30 Jun 2008|07:55pm]

Attention ART-SCHOOL Livejournal Club members!

Holy shit guys, some of you may already know this but Riki [vocals/guitar] and Masafumi Todaka [guitar] are also in another band called KAREN. The other members are the drums and bass from downy [another supremely awesome band], and they have the singer from on button down, a band that is not very well known.
I had known this for some time and searched hard to find any music of theirs to download. But they had no releases yet and were just playing live. Fast forward a few months and I find out they released a FULL LENGTH ALBUM a month ago. Well needless to say, i ordered it that night, and it got delayed in the post but arrived today. It's really good!!


I hope this new project gets enough support for them to release a DVD or second album.

If you already have it or heard it, what did you think? Do you know/like downy or on button down? Thoughts of any kind?

Speaking of other bands: Masafumi Todaka is also the vocals and guitar for a band called mayonnaise. their bass player is from bluebeard, a band with awesome bass. they only have 4 songs and you can listen to them all at their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/mayonnaisejp and the sound quality is decent

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new maintainer. [28 Dec 2007|11:20pm]

I'm the new maintainer, lol. I love ART-SCHOOL! They're my favorite band by far.
My favorite songs are Candles, Downer, Yokubou no Tsubasa, and Meltdown, to name a few.
Let's be friends! Comment and say hi.
Yay, ART-SCHOOL Livejournal club! We're not dead!
Post to this community. Say stuff. Make threads!

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important~ [27 Dec 2007|12:39am]

clobberingtyme is our new maintainer. Yay!

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[05 Jul 2007|11:00am]

I have a request.

Does anyone happen to have any Riki Kinoshita mp3s that they could upload/send? It would be greatly appreciated. I've found some of his tracks on Youtube, and they're pretty good/amusing.

Thanks in advance.

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Art-School FL [02 Feb 2007|04:20pm]

Approved Art-School Fanlisting, please join:

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[20 Oct 2006|08:49pm]

Hey, this community is.. uhm, rather dead, ne?
Anyway, this is my first post here.. Hello there :O I've been digging arts quite a long time I guess.

Anyho, does anyone have the lyrics for the song "I hate myself"?
Anything goes :O Typed up kanji, romaji, a translation or just a scan of the lyrics from the booklet :D

Thank you~

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[08 May 2006|08:46pm]

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Since this community is generally pretty quiet, I'm going to throw two questions out in the open:

01: Your favorite ART-SCHOOL album?
02: Your favorite ART-SCHOOL song[s]?

For my favorite album I'm going to go with Requiem for Innocence. I know that may sound a bit typical, considering the fact its immensely popular from my understanding, but I love every single track off this album. Not only that, but I think the songs flow so perfectly with one another. I don't think it's the best musically, but I think it's the most enjoyable ART-SCHOOL album.

My overall favorite song by them would have to be Charlotte. I could listen to it forever on repeat. Some of my other favorites are Furajairu, Butterfly Kiss, Swan Song, Pool, LOST IN THE AIR and Perfect. There's just SO many.

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pv request [01 May 2006|07:10pm]

I'm looking for any ART-SCHOOL PVs apart from Foolish and Black Sunshine. Much thanks to anyone who can help. ^^

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new single track listing [17 Feb 2006|02:25am]

01. フリージア    
02. 光と身体    
03. キカ    

also, there's a new group pic on the main page.

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